Tower Spot System


Elevate your gymnastics training with the Tower Spot System. Safe, versatile, and easy to use, it’s the perfect addition to any gymnastics program looking to enhance safety and skill development. Visit USA Gymnastics World to secure your system and take the first step towards revolutionizing your training regimen.


The Tower Spot System, exclusively available at USA Gymnastics World, is engineered for gymnasts seeking to push their limits while ensuring maximum safety. This cutting-edge system is designed to assist athletes from beginners to elite levels, providing the support needed to perfect new skills and techniques.


  • Robust Design: Constructed with high-grade steel and durable padding, the Tower Spot System stands up to the rigors of intense training sessions.
  • Adjustable Height: Easily adjust the system to various heights, accommodating gymnasts of all sizes and skill levels.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for practicing a wide range of gymnastics disciplines, including tumbling, vaulting, and bars.
  • Safety First: Equipped with ample cushioning and secure fastenings to minimize the risk of injury, giving gymnasts the confidence to attempt and master new moves.
  • Easy Assembly: Designed with simplicity in mind, the system can be set up and disassembled quickly, making it perfect for gyms with limited space or those requiring flexibility in their setup.


  • Enhances Skill Development: By providing a safe environment to practice, gymnasts can focus on technique improvement without the fear of falling.
  • Builds Confidence: The Tower Spot System is a vital tool in helping gymnasts gain the confidence needed to perform high-difficulty maneuvers.
  • Supports Coaches: An invaluable aid for coaches, allowing them to spot athletes more effectively and safely.


  • Material: High-grade steel frame, durable padding
  • Height: Adjustable
  • Color: Sleek black and silver finish

Ideal for:

  • Gymnastics facilities looking to upgrade their training equipment
  • Coaches seeking to provide extra support for their athletes
  • Gymnasts at all levels aiming to safely master new skills

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