Adjustable Height Gymnastics Bar for Kids – Durable Folding Junior Training Kip Bar


Enhance your child’s gymnastics journey with the Adjustable Height Gymnastics Bar. Made of durable steel with a unique triangular design for extra safety, it supports up to 160 pounds. Easy to set up, fold, and store, with 5 adjustable heights to grow with your child. Perfect for home use or on the go, it’s the ideal gift to keep them active and healthy. Comes with a 2-year warranty and dedicated customer service.


Introducing the Adjustable Height Gymnastics Bar for Kids, a durable and safe training equipment designed specifically for young gymnasts. Crafted from thickened, sturdy, and hardened steel pipes, this gymnastics bar ensures reliability and long-lasting performance. Its unique triangular structure design enhances strength, allowing children to perform rotations and other exercises safely. The bar can support up to 160 pounds, accommodating a wide range of abilities and sizes.

Setting up the Gymnastics Bar is a breeze. The convenient connecting rod opens and closes smoothly, making it easy to store and carry. Whether at home or on the go, your kids can enjoy gymnastics training anytime, anywhere. Its foldable design ensures hassle-free placement and storage, promoting an active lifestyle without the clutter.

The Kip Bar’s adjustable height feature stands out, offering five different positions to match the growing needs of your child. Ranging from 35.8\” to 51.6\”, it caters to various ages and heights, ensuring a perfect fit for every young gymnast. The color pink adds a playful touch, making it an attractive addition to any training space.

Beyond its physical attributes, the Gymnastics Bar serves as an ideal gift for children, encouraging them to develop strength, flexibility, and a love for gymnastics. It’s not just a piece of equipment; it’s a gateway to fun, fitness, and the development of essential motor skills.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of USAGW’s mission. With a 2-year warranty and a dedicated customer service team, you can rest assured that your shopping experience will be second to none. If you have any questions or need assistance, USAGW is always ready to help.

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